World Government Movement

World Government Movement

The World Government Movement believes in global governance by a world government to achieve peace on Earth, and a better planet for all of us.

We see the United Nations General Assembly (193 member states) as the beginning of a world government.

These 193 countries should unite and form a World Government and make global rules for the better of mankind and the planet.

The leader of every country still has the power in this world government.

For example: Joe Biden should represent the USA in this world government and Xi Jinping should represent China.

We believe a world government is the only solution to create order on this planet, global governance by the world leaders to create a better planet.

Even Albert Einstein was an advocate for a World Government to achieve world peace.

A World Government is the only logical solution to our global challenges, that`s why we created this global movement.

Do you believe in a world government and want to support the world government movement?

Join our world government movement today if you support a world government and feel free to discuss about a world government in our forums.

The more members we have, the louder our voice for a world government, so join the forum of the World Government Movement today:

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  1. Michael Maas
    Michael Maas

    Join the World Government Movement if you believe this is the only solution to our global problems.
    We believe Jesus will return to reign over all nations, to rule the world government.

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