The World Government Movement believes in global governance by a world government to achieve peace on Earth, and a better planet for all of us.

We see the United Nations General Assembly (193 member states) as the beginning of a world government.

These 193 countries should unite and form a World Government and make global rules for the better of mankind and the planet.

The leader of every country still has the power in this World Government.

For example: Joe Biden should represent the USA in this World Government,

Boris Johnson should represent Great-Brittain,

Vladimir Putin should represent the Russian Federation and Xi Jinping should represent China.

The world leaders must unite and trough peaceful negotiations/diplomacy make it better for everyone on Earth.

The World Government Movement stands for equal rights and justice for all on a global scale.

We believe a World Government is the only solution to create order on this planet, global governance by the world leaders to create a better planet.

Even Albert Einstein was an advocate for a World Government to achieve world peace.

The World Government Movement believes there is no other way to better lives and a better planet for all of us.

A World Government (the UN General Assembly)

The World Government Movement is active online again since February 2021 and is writing news and articles to keep you informed about global politics.

A World Government is the only logical solution to our global challenges, that`s why we created this global movement.

The World Government Movement believes we must unite in order to create a paradise on Earth, so this movement is a good start to unite for a better world.

The World Government Movement believes in the Bible Prophecy (Isaiah 9:6) that Jesus will rule the world government.

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