The World Government Movement believes in global governance by a world government to achieve peace on Earth, and a better planet for all of us.

We see the United Nations General Assembly (193 member states) as the beginning of a world government.

These 193 countries should unite and form a World Government and make global rules for the better of mankind and the planet.

The leader of every country still has the power in this World Government.

For example: Joe Biden should represent the USA in this World Government,

Boris Johnson should represent Great-Brittain,

Vladimir Putin should represent the Russian Federation, Mark Rutte should represent the Netherlands and Xi Jinping should represent China etc…

The world leaders must unite and trough peaceful negotiations/diplomacy make it better for everyone on Earth.

The World Government Movement stands for equal rights and justice for all on a global scale.

We believe a World Government is the only solution to create order on this planet, better global governance by the world leaders to create a better planet for all of us.

The world leaders need to compromise to form one voice with the vision to create Heaven on Earth!

One aim – Heaven on Earth.

The World Government Movement is active online again since February 2021 and is writing news and articles to keep you informed about global politics.

A World Government is the only logical solution to our global challenges, that`s why we created this global movement.

The World Government Movement does not believe in a conspiracy theory that globalists want to destroy or hurt the people of the planet, because we believe Jesus Christ will return to reign over the World Government.

The World Government Movement believes the United Nations Organization have the best intentions to help the people of planet Earth, according our common goals we share as a humanity.

The World Government Movement believes our common goal should be creating Heaven on Earth.

A World Government (the UN General Assembly)

Even Albert Einstein was an advocate for a World Government to achieve World Peace after the second world war.

The World Government Movement believes we must unite in order to create a Paradise on Earth, so this movement is a good start to unite and share knowledge and wisdom for a better world.

United Nations (193 countries: the beginning of a World Government)

We believe that only Jesus Christ can handle the responsibility to be our World Leader and teach the world to a Heaven on Earth.

We do not want to deceive you, but inform you about the whole truth, that is why the World Government Movement is open minded towards other spiritual teachings and religions.

Symbols of our major religions and spiritual philosophies

Please do research before you judge yourself and read the whole article, about the fact the we believe the second coming of Jesus Christ already happened:

was Haile Selassie is the second coming of Jesus Christ?

Connect and make friends who are like-minded and believe in a World Government with Jesus as our World Leader and create your own profile.

The more members the World Government Movement has, the louder the voice for better global governance to create a better world for every living being.

Join the World Government Movement if you believe that we can create a Heaven on Earth if we work together.

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Let us create Heaven on Earth!

Kind regards, Michael Maas; Founder of the World Government Movement.